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Who's the Celebrity Baby Picture Quiz - Guess The Celebrities by their Baby Photos!

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User Review

"Good app to try this sat
By Người đẹp 1960 from Vietnam about Whos the Celebrity Baby Picture Quiz - Guess The Celebrities by their Baby Pho (version 1, Apple App Store) on Oct 19, 2013
Great questions"

By Minhkhoa1 from United States about Whos the Celebrity Baby Picture Quiz - Guess The Celebrities by their Baby Pho (version 1, Apple App Store) on Oct 08, 2013
Good app"

*This applications is an unofficial fan based application*

Think you know all the famous singer, Hollywood actors, actresses, popular political persons, models and legendaries…? Now’s the time to test your knowledge of those famous people with Celebrity Baby Quiz! And if you’re already playing Logo Quiz, you’ll love this Celebrity Quiz Game App.

Celebrity Baby Big Quiz Up Pro tests your recognition of the rich and famous throughout the past few decades – from the 1950s all the way through to 2013. It’s the Guess Who of the celebrity in the world. If you come unstuck, don’t worry there are hundreds of hints available to help you on your way – but the ultimate test is in your own knowledge! And as you gain more correct answers you unlock more levels and gain extra hints to help you crack the right answer.
Download it now - one guess and you’ll be hooked!

* Regular updates with new celebs
* Allowance made for spelling mistakes
* Up to 4 handwritten hints for every celebrity photo
* Free apps
* Amazing images of your favorite celebrity.
* Old images from legendary people in the whole world.
* Tricky images that will make you think not only twice but thrice before answering.

Enjoy the quiz! Good luck!

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